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Securilink Sdn Bhd

Securilink brings you the best in security solutions customized to your requirements, be it in your home or business premises. By integrating advanced security warning equipment with intelligent computerized monitoring systems, an unprecedented levels of security has been achieved, offering you the peace of mind and freedom to live your lifestyle and conduct business.

Securilink is at the forefront of security technology and innovation. Working with the best professional in the security industry, we are constantly developing solutions to combat and prevent crimes like burglary, theft and robbery. Precautionary measures against life threatening situations like fire outbreaks, accidents and violence are also addressed thus providing a complete security package.

We are specialise in:
    - Digital CCTV System
    - Card Access System
    - Finger Scan Access System
    - Perimeter Protections System
    - Automation Alarm System

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Independant Approach Sdn Bhd

Independent Approach (IASB) is MSM latest security-related Business arm, tailor-made to face global changes and challenges from this end of the world in the face of unending security risks. It specializes in identifying likely security threats and derives Practical solutions leading towards minimizing their impact on clients and client’s interests out of their home stations. Independent Approach has a pool of security professionals with Special Operations experience, strategically pre-positioned at key locations worldwide to ensure immediate response to any crisis that may arise.

Independent Approach services include:

    - Crisis Management Planning
    - Investigations
    - Strategic Security Planning
    - Air, Land and Sea Logistic Security
    - Risk Assessment
    - Security Audits
    - Security Risk Management
    - Counter Terrorism Advisory/Training
    - Close Personal Protection
    - International Services
    - Specialized Training
    - Helicopter Services

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Mahmood Marine Security Sdn Bhd

Mahmood Marine Security (MMS) is the Mahmood Security Groups new addition further adding to the large array of total security solutions available to our valued clients, MMS has been formed in 2005 to combat the increasing terrorist, criminal and piracy threats throughout the world and has now been recognized by regional governments as the preferred marine security service provider for high-risk environments, and has gained staunch support from numerous marine insurance brokers that creates a cost effective advantage for our clients in various forms.

MMS covers the following marine security services for selected clientele:

    - High-Risk Marine Asset Protection
    - Marine Security Risk Management & Consultancy
    - Marine Security Escort
    - Strategic Security Planning & Training
    - Marine Security Assessment
    - Marine Security Insurance Advisors
    - Anti Piracy/Terrorism Services

For further information please contact our office at the following address:

No. 41, Jalan Kemuning Prima D33/D, Taman Kemuning Utama, 40400 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia.

Phone: 03 5122 5649     Fax: 03 5124 7767


Mahmood Security Corporate Chart

Since 1984

Since 1984

Who we are

Mahmood Security is a fully licensed security services provider with a network of 17 branches ideally located throughout the country including Sabah and Sarawak. We also provide:

  • Central Alarm Monitoring Service (CMS)
  • Close Personal Protection / Bodyguards
  • Guard dogs & Dog Handlers
  • Vaulting And Storage
  • Security Equipment Supply & more

Get in touch

Phone: 03 5122 5649     Fax: 03 5124 7767
E-mail: general@mahmoodsecurity.com

No. 41, Jalan Kemuning Prima D33/D, Taman Kemuning Utama, 40400 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan. Malaysia.

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